We want to work with the risk-takers, the style-makers and the mold-breakers.

The ones who know the power of the mighty pen and that shining design is far more effective than shining armour in the battle for brand awareness.

Point us to the ones who aren’t afraid to shake it up, stretch the rules and fall in love with what they do again and again and again…

Let us build communities – nay, empires! – of loving, vocal fans.

It may sound a little bit fantastic, but, hey, that’s what we do.



Sarah Mathiesen

Director + Public Relations consultant

Sarah is a multi award-winning public relations consultant and former freelance journalist with local and international experience. Sarah has crafted media campaigns that have been covered by all of Australia’s major media outlets as well as the London Times, The Wall Street Journal and Agence France Presse (The European newswire). While Sarah began her PR career working on the accounts of some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical and medical device companies, she now thrives on the challenge of heading up Harshmellow and working on some of the most exciting brands and events North Queensland has to offer.

Sarah was named the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s QLD Emerging PR Practitioner of the Year in 2013.

Kieran Thomas

Creative Director + Graphic Designer

Kieran is an experienced graphic designer who’s passionate about creating strong corporate identity and unique imagery with meaningful undertones. Kieran believes in collaborating closely with clients to develop attention-grabbing designs that communicate key messages clearly and succinctly. His portfolio covers work for the health research industry, tourism and events, FMCG, B2B and advocacy projects. Kieran’s design expertise spans brand identity, communications collateral, online presence and promotional materials. In addition to developing computer-based images, Kieran enjoys illustrating by hand in his spare time and hopes to one day publish his own graphic novel.

Nathan Toll

Public Relations Account Executive

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Journalism and Law, and a Diploma of Marketing. His background in commercial radio promotions, gives him a great nose for entertaining and engaging content and a sharp understanding of motivators for advertising. Nathan’s experience as a Student Ambassador for James Cook University has equipped him with a good insight into the tourism opportunities sought by young people visiting Townsville North Queensland, and the necessary skills required to work with a broad range of people.


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